A black hole has been found that is closer than any other to Earth

Posted By Moksedul Alam on June 10, 2020 in Space
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Scientists have found a black hole closer to Earth than any other. But we can not see that.

Although this may seem obvious, its invisibility to Canadians is not due to its lack of color. The body in question is part of a double-star system named HR 6819 and is located a little over 1,000 light-years away. This is 3 times closer than the next black hole closest to it. The scientists made the discovery using the European Southern Observatory (ESO) telescope in Chile.

They had not even been looking for the black hole at all. They studied double-star systems and found that one of them orbited an unidentified body every 40 days, while the other orbited a long-distance away.

By observing it’s visible companion they estimated the mass of the invisible object. It could only be a black hole, at four times the sun ‘s mass.

The discovery that is so close to Earth-though not close enough to pose any threat, it should be added – opens the possibility of further black holes even closer to home.

We expect there to be about 100 million of those small black holes, and only less than 100 of them have been found.

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